Business Areas
We develop and operationalize solutions in the following sectors

Oil and Gas

ON² uses its know-how in engineering and assembling of different mechanical and electrical drive systems such as compression, pumps, power generation, serving offshore demands and onshore for the oil and gas market. Suiting each project classification societies, where appropriate and meet the local content requirements of the ANP.


The power market has a great diversity in demands depending on the application. ON² is precisely ready for this, because it is a company specialized in customization, which meets needs of both general market and special projects. The company can provide standardized enclosures for the general market, serving for example, hospitals, hotels, commercial enterprises and data centers. For those ON² likewise delivers enclosures with a high degree of attenuation when needed. Another product provide for this market is powerhouse for application in solar plants, mining and different projects.


The Industrial segment has several demands of mechanical construction. ON²’s versatility give the company the capability of delivering great solution within our manufacturing capabilities, from the structural construction of the module to entire interconnection hydraulic, electrical and control required.