The powerhouses can be conceptualized as electrical rooms built in modular metal structures containing all the necessary equipment for the power management of any enterprise.

Considered a strong trend in the supply of powerhouse systems, those are great substitutes for buildings in masonry, ideal for new projects or adequacy of existing plants, as they have better technical characteristics, lower cost and shorter implementation period.

This solution is delivered in plug and play standards, since it is pre-assembled and commissioned at the factory, allowing complete customization, easy and fast installation.

The powerhouse solution may include a complete portfolio of equipment and engineering services optimizing the production process and the integration of functional interfaces.

Its applicability is diverse and mostly applicable to medium and large companies in the mining, oil & gas, pulp, generation and distribution of electricity and general industries.

Aiming at the growth of renewable energy in the country ON² Soluções Integradas has developed solutions that meet the solar energy market.