Sound attenuated enclosure

Since the beginning of its operations, ON² Integrated Solutions has been delivering acoustically attenuated enclosures for various applications.

As each market possesses its peculiarities, the company adapts to each project to deliver the final product totally focused on customer needs.

Here are some design examples:

Land drilling project– critical movement

It was delivered by ON² Soluções Integradas the assembly of 1750kVA gensets and the fabrication of acoustic enclosures with attenuation to 85dB(A) @1,5m to operant in a land drilling of Petrobras. It conjunct was certified with 84%+++ of local content by ANP.

The most critical point of this project is the intense movement that the enclosure must support by virtue of its application. A very robust structure was built to support drag and applied eight eyebolts, four of them at the base and the rest of the detachable cabin.

Hospital application – critical attenuation

For hospital and residential application, acoustic attenuation is always a critical point, since the operating area must be within the noise emission standards. The ON² Soluções Integradas is capable to manufacture acoustic enclosures for generator sets with 65 dB(A) @ 1.5m attenuation.

Large project – modular Drop Over

ON² has in its scope drop-over, enclosures without skid base for equipment fixed in concrete foundations. The company has delivered some solutions of this type of product for large projects. The construction is modular to allow transport structure and to facilitate future maintenance on the equipment.