Special projects

Guided by solution ON² Integrated Solutions also works with assembly and manufacture of special projects that are within its manufacturing capacity.

Working with engineering, procurement, project management, assembly, testing and documentation covering the scope of supply of own projects or delivered by the customer. If necessary, the equipment is purchased from suppliers indicated or approved by the customer. The company is not bound to any equipment manufacturer, allowing greater production flexibility. Electrical and hydraulic installations can be part of the delivery. Each system is tested to ensure quality and performance before leaving our factory.


Transportable Lab

ON² Soluções Integradas was hired by Radix to built a Mobile Water Monitoring Unit, project developed for Petrobras. The mobile monitoring unit was designed in order to provide a measurement equipment and analysis of water analytical parameters for research into the treatment and reuse of water in different company's operating units. This unit is able to measure up to 15 parameters using probes and analyzers installed inside the unit, built in a converted shipping container. The unit has a system of pumps for water to be analyzed circulation in the pipe unit and the results are in real-time measurements and sent to a server located in Rio de Janeiro, from where you can access the data remotely, with the installed unit in any desired place.

The laboratory includes a variety of components and instruments that required several areas for the complete assembly. Throughout the project were performed hydraulic and electrical installations, automation, woodworking, light welding, painting, design and three-dimensional modeling and hydrostatic testing.

It was installed two kilometers of cables between the power and automation, two hundred meters CPVC pipe and over a thousand water connections CPVC.  A work bench with sink and a monitoring table were built. Also installed equipment such as colorimetric and amperometric chlorine analyzer, multiparameter analyzer, corrosion probe, biofilm analyzer, analyzer and ammonia deposition analyzer, corrosion tree, quick coupler connection for water inlet and outlet, air conditioning and two panels an electric and another command. Leveling feet were incorporated into the structure to allow adaptation to different places of use.